Aether symbol
Aether[1], also known as the Convexity Breath by fans, is the name of the mysterious breath ability in The Legend of Spyro trilogy. It first appears in the final level of A New Beginning, which manifests as purple energy blasts. Throughout the trilogy, Aether has been usable and could be obtained through different means.


A New Beginning Edit

The Aether ability was only accessible in the final section of the boss fight with Cynder. It looked similar to the Earth breath, but it was purple and seemed to raise the fury bar with every blast, even if it didn't actually hit Cynder. The Aether Fury Attack apparently opens a portal to another dimension, allowing Spyro to summon multiple copies of his head to defeat Cynder.

The Eternal NightEdit

The breath was accessible in the second half of the Gaul boss fight but it can be unlocked permanently by completing the five "Dragon Challenges." This breath also comes with the Dark Spyro skin. The breath is similar to a laser that, when used while flying, causes Spyro to hover and, while hovering, the beam can be aimed. A melee attack can be used as well that is much faster and more powerful than the standard blows and takes the place of the secondary attack, although it only uses a little bit of energy.

Briefly, in a cutscene, the breath has the effect of partially turning Gaul into stone. When Spyro uses the Aether Fury Attack, the first wave of the Fury turns Gaul completely into a statue before the second burst of the Fury shatters the statue into pieces, killing the Ape King.

Dawn of the DragonEdit

The breath replaces the original Fury and can also be permanently unlocked when all armor pieces from the third set are placed on Spyro and/or Cynder. However, this breath will drain the mana bar very quickly.

Malefor's Aether BreathEdit

In the final boss fight of Dawn of the Dragon, Malefor has the powers of Aether but very different than any breath that the player can control. These abilities include Aether Fire, Aether Comet Dash, Aether Bomb, Aether Shield (a barrier that protects him from everything except for Aether Breath), and the normal Aether Breath.


  • The symbol for Aether is a prophetic symbol of the Purple Dragon, both light and dark halves depicted, that speaks of the balance needed to truly master the Aether ability.[1]


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