Arborick is a large, wooden sentinel who resides in the Ancient Grove. He is believed to be the guardian of the Grove, as he was seen throwing out the Skavengers from his territory, and is one of the bosses in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.


Arborick is a golem completely made of logs of wood. He first appears as a great tree floating on a body of poisonous water in a clearing when he seems to be resting.


Arborick can be hard to defeat because his health regenerates every time he spins and launches fireballs to rid himself of the flames. And it is sometimes hard to avoid his attack.


In the Ancient Grove, Spyro and Sparx searched for the Chronicler and came across the tree he saw in his vision deep within the Grove, perceiving it to be where the Chronicler is. The young purple dragon then called out for a sign, and Arborick transformed into his true form and attacked Spyro, but he defeated the wooden sentinel. Arborick was originally planned to be the main star in a gladitorial arena held by the Skavengers in the Ancient Grove, which was why the Pirates were searching for the wooden sentinel in the Grove, but when Spyro defeated him, the Skavengers chose to replace Arborick with Spyro instead.



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