Boyzitbig is an active volcano located in Munition's Forge.


Boyzitbig is a massive volcano located somewhere on the Munition's Forge island. Not much is known about it. It looks like a typical volcano from fiction.


The legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Cynder sent her forces to Munition's Forge under the command of the Conductor to enslave the native Manweersmalls and use the natural magma from Boyzitbig to forge weapons. The use of lava and building prompted boyzitbig to build up pressure. At one point, Cynder sent the captured Terrador to Munition's Forge to extract his power.

After having rescued Volteer and Cyril, Spyro was sent to rescue Terrador. He fought his way through the apes, eventually battling the Conductor and freeing both the Manweersmalls and Terrador. However, Cynder arrived to stop him, and he flew through the volcano to escape her, until Ignitus arrived to distract her, leading to his own capture. The volcano blew shortly after.

The legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

It was presumably conquered by Malefor on his conquest.


  • The name Boyzitbig is a play on the phrase "Boy, is it big".
  • The wordplay is a direct mirror to the Manweersmalls, who's name is a reference to "Man, we're small".