"Cynder's Lair is where hope goes to die, Spyro. A dark, foreboding place in which Cynder broods and sulks and plans her next assault."

Concurrent Skies is a large floating crystal land far from the Dragon Temple, but once Malefor's forces attacked this area, it was renamed Cynder's Lair. It is the second to last level in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. This is the Electric elemental land, and unlike the others, it has two bosses: the Electric King and finally Cynder. This area was also home to Cynder, when she was under the control of Malefor.


After defeating Ignitus in battle, Cynder took the Fire Guardian to her lair, Concurrent Skies, in order to drain his energy into a crystal that would help free the Dark Master, Malefor. After learning how to utilize the element of Earth, Spyro went to Cynder's Lair to rescue Ignitus. After venturing through Cynder's towers, fighting her Ape henchmen along the way (including the Electric King), he soon found Ignitus, confined and his powers were being drained by a crystal. Cynder stopped Spyro from destroying the crystal, and after a short battle, she escaped with it. Spyro noticed that there was something familiar about Cynder by her eyes, and Ignitus told him the truth.

Cynder was actually born from the same brood of eggs as Spyro (they are not siblings), and she was taken by Malefor's forces, corrupted by his poisonous powers and becoming his tool of destruction. Malefor was using Cynder to gain the Guardians' powers so she could unlock the portal, which served as his prison, since only a dragon born in the Year of the Dragon, such as Cynder, could open it. As the vortex to the world of Convexity opened, Ignitus feared that they were too late, but Spyro refused to give up and followed Cynder through the portal to stop her from freeing the Dark Master.



  • The word "concurrent" means coexisting or accordant, or intersecting at the same point.

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