Electric Leeches are large eel-like creatures native to Concurrent Skies, and are only encountered in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. They look similar to Magma Worms except they attack by emitting lightning. They have shiny black backs, magenta underbellies and tiny cyan eyes on the side of their heads. Around their mouths, full of minuscule, yet quite sharp teeth, they have four fang-like teeth jutting out of their skin. In the console version, they suck the mana out of Spyro when he draws close and attack him once they've completely drained his mana.

The Electric Leeches are connected to electricity like a socket if you look at their tails. Earth element is particularly effective on Electric Leeches. The leeches dwell in small white pools of water dotted throughout the Concurrent Skies.



  • In the DS version of A New Beginning, Electric Leeches suck out your Fury energy.

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