"Surrender to its erratic nature. Allow its energy to charge through your body and anticipate its movement... then unleash it...willingly."
—The Chronicler

Electricity is one of Spyro's four main elemental attacks. Volteer is the Dragon Guardian of Electricity.

A New Beginning

Electricity is the second element Spyro learns after being zapped by an electric canon on Dante's Freezer. His primary attack, the Electric Stream, is shocking enemies and throwing them around (even off edges), and also to suspend them in a makeshift electric cage in midair, allowing for aerial attacks. This tactic is called Electric Arc. The fury is a raging lightningstorm.

The Eternal Night

Spyro relearns Electricity last in this game. The Electric Orb can be launched and triggered to explode whenever Spyro wants. He can also roll it around and knock enemies out of the way with it. Spyro can also launch enemies into the air by creating a small electric twister that surrounds him and running into enemies. In this game, the fury is a giant electric ball that pulsates with lightning bolts.

Dawn of the Dragon

Electricity is used to shock enemies and render them unable to move. The secondary attack allows Spyro to create an orb around himself while simultaneously shocking enemies and sending out electric pulses.


  • In early production stages, electricity was purple instead of yellow. It was most likely changed later to differ it from Convexity.