Gaul is the Ape King; ruler of the Apes who was one of Malefor's willing followers. He was responsible for staging the raid on the Dragon Temple and stealing Cynder's egg, leading her to be corrupted into Malefor's devoted servant.



After his exile, the Dark Master Malefor built an army of Apes, with Gaul being one of his many followers. The Ape King was present in the war against the Dragon race until Malefor was imprisoned in the Well of Souls. Despite this setback, Gaul and his Ape army were still able to carry out Malefor's commands. He notably led the attack on the Dragon Temple on the night of Spyro's birth to destroy the egg that posed a threat to Malefor. During the attack, Gaul stole one dragon egg, which was Cynder's, while his army smashed the rest of the dragon eggs, unaware that Spyro's egg was saved by one of the Dragon Guardians. The Ape ruler performed the ritual in corrupting Cynder with Malefor's dark magic, transforming her into a monster brainwashed to serve the Dark Master. As Cynder led the Ape army in her quest to free Malefor and gain terroritory, Gaul participated once again in the war against the Dragons.

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