Hunter is a Cheetah warrior who resides in the Valley of Avalar. Also known as Hunter of Avalar, he was one of the many prisoners on board the Pirate Ship when Spyro was captured by the Skavengers.


Hunter is serious, determined to do what he must to help save the world, even betraying his village to do so. He appears to be loyal to Ignitus, having taken the mission to search for Spyro and trusting Cynder on his word alone.


While leading Spyro and Cynder to safety, Hunter is shown to be extremely agile, leaping across large gaps and scaling up steep cliffs. He is a skilled archer, and by using this skill, he aids Spyro and Cynder during their battle against Grublins, usually firing his arrows from a safe distance. Hunter also has pet falcons, which he uses to send messages to inhabitants who live in great distances.



Hunter possesses a lot of faith in Spyro, who he strongly believes is the last hope in stopping Malefor for good. 


Although he is aware of Cynder's dark past, Hunter fully trusts her since Ignitus has faith in her as well.


It was Ignitus who sent Hunter to find Spyro, Cynder and Sparx when they disappeared three years after the Night of Eternal Darkness occured. The cheetah warrior considers the Guardian dragon a valuable ally, and will trust anyone if Igntius himself trusts them. He seems to be Ignitus's lieutenant of sorts, often carrying out the old dragon's commands and acting as a scout and tracker. He respects Ignitus's wisdom, status as a dragon, and his unwavering resolve.

Chief Prowlus

Hunter's alliance with the Dragons puts him in conflict with his clan chief, Prowlus, who strongly distrusts the Dragon race because of Malefor and Cynder when she was under the latter's control. Both Hunter and Prowlus share some sort of rivalry, with Hunter being aware that the danger was already around them while Prowlus accused Hunter of abandoning the Cheetah Village and bringing the danger back with him. When Spyro and Cynder recovered Meadow after he went missing, Prowlus realized his error and apologized to Hunter for his actions. It is unknown if both Hunter and Prowlus resolved their differences after the events of Dawn of the Dragon.