The Ice King is the leader of the Ghouls of Dante's Freezer, and is the first boss in A New Beginning. The Ice King holds Volteer, the Electric Guardian, captive. He is a large humanoid troll, wielding a sword and a shield made of ice, which he can regain by breathing a stream of ice.


The Ice King is a large ghoul covered in red metal armor. Above his big armored helmet lie two horns made of ice. Afterwards, Spyro defeated him, he appeared to be nothing but a skeleton covered in red armor. He may have been resting in the area where you fight him or he might have been expecting Spyro and was pretending to sleep.

Boss TacticsEdit

The Ice King uses weapons forged from ice and can breathe ice is the similarity to the Electric King which is shown also on A New Beginning in the level Concurrent Skies and the Executioner in the eternal night. The boss also utilises a force field when hit many times, and can also shoot ice shards. If you melee the ice shards he shoots red and green gems will come from them.



  • The Ice King looks similar to the Electric King, Executioner, and the Elemental Spirits in The Eternal Night, and they also fight Spyro the same exact way as well.
  • Despite needing to be fought to free Volteer, the Ice King may not have been guarding him, as the Ghouls were enemies of the Dark Master's forces. He may have merely been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Ice King's name is also the name of the villan "Ice King" from the Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time.

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