"Thank you, friends...You saved my life."

Meadow is one of the cheetah warriors residing in the Valley of Avalar. He appeared in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


After saving the Cheetah Village, one of the cheetah warriors informed Chief Prowlus that Meadow was missing after he went upstream to search for herbs and didn't returned since. When Prowlus chose not to start an immediate search for Meadow, Spyro and Cynder volunteered to go and find their missing friend.

Meadow was soon rescued from an ambush of Grublins in a cave behind the nearby waterfall. As a result of being captured, his leg was broken, and the cheetah asked Spyro and Cynder to do a task of getting a raft, so that he could get back home. Meadow's safe return to the Village proved to Prowlus that Spyro and Cynder were harmless and very friendly dragons.


  • Other than a warrior, it is possible Meadow is also a healer, when Spyro and Cynder overheard of his disappearance, it is mentioned he disappeared after he went to gather herbs.

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