Pyra is a young dragon in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning that appeared in one of Ignitus's flashbacks. He was Ignitus' battle squire, the banner-bearer for Ignitus' battalion of war dragons called the "Inferno Battalion" during the war against Malefor's armies.

Although he didn't make a full appearance in the trilogy, Jared Pullen, lead concept artist of A New Beginning and The Eternal Night created a backstory for Pyra.[1]


During Cynder's attack, Pyra was one of the only dragons left on the battlefield after the other Guardians were captured by the evil dragon. He became separated from Ignitus after a huge and confusing melee and the intervention of an enemy siege weapon known to the Dragons as a 'Dragonator', which kills Dragons. Pyra arrived upon a tragic scene in which the severed remnants of Ignitus' war lance laid splintered on the ground, and he feared the worse for his Master, believing that Ignitus had died. Determined to survive, and avenge Ignitus for the tragic end, Pyra took up the shards of the great lance and bravely defended a high hilltop against a tidal wave of foes. He held the hill for several hours before fatigue overcame him and his enemies overran the hill top. But fortune favored Pyra, and he lived long enough to be rescued by one of the Dragon Knights. During the rescue however, the Dragon Knight was shot down by the Dragonator, causing Pyra to fall into the ocean.

Ignitus, who had survived the assault, hurried to the mortally wounded Dragon Knight who uttered the word "Pyra...", offering Ignitus the broken lance and taking his last breath. Ignitus mourned Pyra's fate, fleeing the isles before Cynder can claim him, his only comfort were the lance shards that he took with him into the heart of the Swamp. Unknown to Ignitus, Pyra survived and washed up somewhere on a distant and isolated isle.[1]