"Spyro, so, ah, me and the old man were chatting and this whole belonging thing, you know, came up, and we decided that best friends belong together... Even if one of them is purple and does have some weight issues."

Sparx is one of the main characters and the comic relief of The Legend of Spyro series.


Sidekick and brother to Spyro, Sparx is cautious but will explore the world with gentle prodding. He is a reluctant hero who is practically and worldly observant. He uses his wit and sarcasm as a mask to hide his doubts and fears. Serving his role as the comic relief, Sparx occasionally gives out humorous dialogue and sarcastic remarks. Despite this, he is a quick thinker whenever necessary, and can be serious and understanding at times. During the trilogy, he also acts as a pathfinder to the player and Spyro on many occasions show the way to the next objective.

Sparx has a habit of believing almost everyone wants him and Spyro dead.



Born on the same day as Spyro, Sparx grew up alongside his adoptive brother, and the duo has never been apart since. Sparx acts like a good foster brother and companion to Spyro and is willing to help him on his journey. His smart remarks even sometimes help Spyro on his adventures. He was willing to put his life on the line to protect Spyro as shown in The Eternal Night when Sparx saved Spyro from being discovered by Skavengers while Spyro was unconscious, drawing the Skavengers away from Spyro.


Unlike Spyro, who understands Cynder, Sparx blamed the black dragoness for what she had done when she was under Malefor's control and wouldn't hesitate to openly express his distrust towards her, insisting that she was still evil. This was possibly because of Sparx's care for Spyro, and because of how Cynder was for most of A New Beginning, he fears for Spyro's safety. Later on in Dawn of the Dragon, he learned to trust Cynder when she and Spyro were tethered together during their journey. The relationship between Sparx and Cynder became far more friendly while at the Dam when Cynder, Spyro, and Sparx all agree that the best way to destroy the dam was "to let it out all at once." This was because Cynder and Sparx found something they both agree on. When the time came for Sparx to stay behind, the dragonfly had Cynder promise him to take care of Spyro when Sparx couldn't accompany the two dragons to the Burned Lands to face Malefor.


Sparx doesn't like Volteer's highly intellectual speeches as he couldn't understand them. Later in the games, he begins to understand Volteer far better.


The dragonfly was annoyed by Cyril's seemingly endless boastings and evolved egotism, but Sparx easily matched the egotism by claiming to be the god of the "Llama-people" (The Atlawas) until it appears no one is paying any attention to him.



  • Sparx is one of two roles in The Legend of Spyro series to be constantly recast (the other being Cynder). He is voiced by David Spade in A New Beginning, Billy West in The Eternal Night, and Wayne Brady in Dawn of the Dragon. This subject was poked fun at in Dawn of the Dragon by Sparx himself ("Huh, you know, little stiff, voice keeps changing, but I'm good.").
  • Sparx is one of the three characters (the others being Spyro and Hunter) from the original series to reappear in The Legend of Spyro reboot series.
  • In The Eternal Night, Sparx can be seen eating butterflies. This is possibly a reference to the original series where Sparx ate butterflies in order to regain Spyro's health.
  • Sparx and Spyro are always present together throughout the three games, apart from the very beginning, when Spyro leaves his home, and at the end, where Spyro leaves Sparx behind so he could guide the citizens to the underground.
  • Although Sparx is comedic and loyal to Spyro, his attitude of guilting Cynder of being evil makes him seem like he was an anti-hero of the series. This can also be proved by the fact that he does help Spyro, and Cynder throughout their quests, but he is very concerned for his own safety. Despite this he is willing to put his life on the line whenever necessary.
  • It is assumed by most fans that Sparx is not aware of Spyro and Cynder's relationship because he was not with them when they admitted their feelings for each other.
  • Sparx didn't realize that Cynder was female until he and Spyro returned from Dante's Freezer, despite the fact that Ignitus referred to Cynder with female pronouns in several occasions earlier in A New Beginning.

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