The Spiders are the aggressive and vile relatives of the Bulb Spiders, appearing only in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night on the grounds of the Dragon Temple when the Apes attacked.


The Spiders first appeared when the Apes attacked the Dragon Temple and saw them as intruders in their territory, which are the grounds outside the Temple. They are notable for attacking the Apes and devouring them on the spot, before some of them go after Spyro.


The Spiders attack the same way the Bulb Spiders attack Spyro, spinning against the ground at him. If Spyro reduces one of the Spider's health to zero, that Spider will lay on its back, exposing its vulnerable spot instead of bursting into gems like most enemies do. Spyro then must quickly Tail-Strike the Spider to defeat it for good. If the Spider is left alone for too long, it will regain some health and attack Spyro again. If Spyro is far away from one Spider when he's attacking, that Spider will spit out a glob of slime, temporarily freezing Spyro if he's hit and allowing the Spider to attack him. The slime is toxic so it will deal some damage to Spyro.

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