Spyro is the main protagonist and title character of The Legend of Spyro series. He is a rare purple dragon, destined to bring peace to the Realms that is his home.


Spyro is young and compassionate for others and is always willing to help them no matter what happens. He doesn't ask for rewards and is just happy to be a big help to those in danger. He is adventurous, curious about his past and eager to shape his future. In spite of showing recklessness of an adolescent at times, Spyro is slowly growing into the role of a leader of a proud species.

He is mature and serious, willing to correct the mistakes he made in the past. He is very intelligent, as he is able to understand Volteer's fast intellect and wide use of vocabulary. Having lived the first years of his life thinking he's a Dragonfly, Spyro is a little naive about the ways of the world, but is eager to learn and grow. He is also very courageous, as at one point, he saved Cynder from Malefor's control while Convexity was collapsing even though she was his enemy.

Spyro has a rather ambiguous view of destiny. At first he only agreed to fight against Malefor because he was told about his role as the Purple Dragon. But when the Chronicler announced the dark fates of everyone Spyro knew after Malefor's return, Spyro strongly refused to accept them and disobeyed the Chronicler's advice to hide and fight later (which ironically was what allowed Malefor to return and cause those fates), stating that he must forge his own path. He also refused to believe in Malefor's view of the Purple Dragon's destiny.


Normally, dragons can only wield and master a single element. Spyro, being a rare purple dragon, can wield and master several elements: Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, including Time. Like all purple dragons, he can also control many abilities that others cannot. Namely, he can impulsively master the element of Aether, theoretically a mixture of all four of the elements he possesses, and he once had control over Dragon Time (to a certain extent). However, that power was seemingly exhausted when Spyro used Dragon Time to encase himself, Sparx and Cynder inside a crystal to protect them from harm, as he has not been seen using it again.

Having grown up in the Swamp, Spyro learned to defend himself using melee combat by means of his horns, tail, and paws. After receiving formal training from Ignitus, his skill in this area greatly improves, allowing him to defeat numerous ape warriors without having to use his elemental abilities. Since he is still a rather young dragon (and does not possess the full physical capabilities of the larger adult dragons), Spyro prefers to use his size and agility to his advantage, outmaneuvering his more physically powerful opponents and striking whenever he sees the opportunity. His skills in melee combat were enough to allow him to hold his own and deal a significant amount of damage to Gaul, an incredibly powerful fighter whose abilities were augmented by the use of Gems and the Well of Souls, despite having his elemental abilities drained and being physically weakened.

In combat, he uses the tactic of knocking his opponents into the air, where he can use his superior aerial mobility to attack his opponent without fear of outside interference or retaliation. While in the air, he can ram airborne opponents into their allies to inflict more widespread damage.

Like all dragons, Spyro is also able to fly. Originally, his skill with this ability was rather limited, as he would only use it for long journeys (in addition to showing some difficulty in landing properly) and appeared unable to use it to travel shorter distances. By Dawn of the Dragon, however, he has gained much greater proficiency in flying, being able to do so whenever he wishes, and can do so over any distance for a prolonged period of time. Despite this, his flight is still somewhat limited, as he depends upon the wind currents to allow him to reach greater altitudes when flying over shorter distances and may lose altitude in the absence of such currents.



Spyro and Sparx are described as an 'oddly matched pair of brothers the world has never seen'. The two are very close, having never been apart up until the middle of the events of Dawn of the Dragon. Sparx serves as Spyro's sidekick, saying wisecracks and providing Spyro company throughout his journey. While Spyro is frequently annoyed by Sparx's constant jokes and sarcasm, and Spyro doesn't miss the chance to get smart with Sparx, such as when he learns to fly and Sparx "welcomes him to the club", he replies if its "the annoying pest club". Still, cares deeply about him and worries about his safety, shown when he refused to let Sparx join him at the Burned Lands worried that he wouldn't survive. Spyro dislikes that Sparx doesn't trust Cynder after she was released from Malefor's control.


At first, Spyro only knew Cynder from the Guardian's stories and a few glimpses of her corrupted form, so he saw her as an enemy who must be stopped. During his first encounter with her at Munition's Forge, he was strongly scared of her and didn't deny his fear. With the help of Terrador, he was able to overcome his fear. After learning the truth about Cynder, he felt sorry for her, realizing she is another victim of the Dark Master, but was still determined to stop her. After releasing Cynder from Malefor's influence, he didn't hesitate to save her and didn't blame her for anything she did while under the Dark Master's control.

During the few weeks that Cynder stayed at the temple, he developed feelings for the black dragoness, and grew to truly understand her as time passed. He was desperate to stop Cynder from leaving the temple. He was visibly hurt when she left anyways. Most (if not all) of his actions during The Eternal Night were driven by his feelings towards Cynder, and as shown during his time at the White Isle, his biggest fear is her becoming Malefor's servant again. When that fear became true during his confrontation with Malefor, Spyro refused to fight her, simply stating that without her, he had nothing left worth fighting for.

As the series progressed his feelings for Cynder became more obvious, by Dawn of the Dragon, both would frequently gaze at each others' eyes and comfort each other. Spyro also rarely complained about being chained to Cynder and his only complains were aimed towards the chain hindering them in battle rather than Cynder herself. When Spyro decided to give up his life to restore the world, he wanted Cynder to save herself and was clearly touched when she chose to stay with him. 


Spyro sees Ignitus as a father figure and mentor, being quite close to the Fire Guardian. He is often encouraged by Ignitus and was eager to train with him. He was shown to have had a hard time accepting that he'd have to abandon Ignitus at Munitions Forge and wait to rescue him until later. Upon Ignitus's death, Spyro became devastated, at first refusing to believe that his mentor had died, succumbing to the darkness he fell into The Eternal Night in his grief. Cynder managed to bring Spyro out of the dark influence, and the young dragon sadly accepts Ignitus's death. With Ignitus gone, Spyro felt alone, but was comforted by Cynder who told Spyro that he wasn't. Unknown to Spyro, Ignitus became the Chronicler of the new age.

Spyro seemingly picked Ignitus' habit of blaming himself for everything and being overly harsh with himself.


Through most of The New Beginning, Spyro was unaware of Malefor's existence, and when learned it, he only knew Malefor by his alias "The Dark Master". When he discovered that the Dark Master was controlling Cynder, he was determined to stop him, and only blamed Malefor for all what Cynder had done. After the Dark Master's apparent first defeat, Spyro remained alert for signs of his return and wanted to continue fighting against him.

However, when Spyro found out that the Dark Master is a Purple Dragon just like him and several characters pointed out similarities between him and Malefor (some of which Spyro noticed himself), he began feeling insecure about being a Purple Dragon, and then showed concerns that he might end up becoming just like Malefor. Ignitus seemingly assured him that they are different. When Spyro met Malefor in person, he denied their similarities, but Malefor's claims that Spyro was the one who freed him and helped destroy the world made his doubts temporarily return.

The Chronicler

Initially, Spyro fully trusted the Chronicler and liked that he was helping him recover his powers and teach him to control time. With each encounter, Spyro visibly becomes more irritated that the path the Chronicler was guiding him through was leading nowhere, and that he only gives confusing, incomplete glimpses of what to do next. When Spyro met the Chronicler in person, and was told of the dark fates waiting for everyone he knew, he finally snaps and angrily scolds the Chronicler for him not giving others the chance to choose their own paths (especially Cynder). He then disobeys the Chronicler's advice to "ride out this storm" and leaves not wanting to listen to him anymore, stating that he has to follow the path he believes is right.

However, Spyro did follow the Chronicler's advice after all when the Well of Souls was collapsing, and when the Chronicler contacted him in Dawn of the Dragon he didn't show any signs of still being angry with him.

Flash and Nina

Spyro is the foster son of the dragonfly couple, Flash and Nina. Having been raised by them, Spyro treats Flash and Nina as his mother and father, and despite discovering that they aren't his real parents, he still considers them as his family.

Character Development

John Welsh, Producer of A New Beginning in Krome Studios, stated that Spyro as a character had also embodied the same stronger lines, tones and textures that are concurrent and thematic throughout the game. His crest, back ridges, horns and tail fin indicate the strength of his character and that was all very deliberate. However, he is nevertheless absolutely recognizable as the character he is. He is roughly the same age as in previous games and his character is similar in nature (although this obviously develops with the story and the through the realization of what he is capable of).


  • Spyro, Sparx, and Hunter are the only three characters from the original series to be remade in The Legend of Spyro series.
  • In the GBA version of The Eternal Night, Amaze Entertainment mistakenly labelled Spyro and Cynder as 'siblings', which is entirely false.
  • Spyro, along with the four Guardians (Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril and Terrador), are the only five characters who appear in all three games without being recast in the original English cast and just about all the dubbed language versions.
  • In A New Beginning, Spyro had a habit of standing on two legs when curious or surprised. He also does this when left idle.
  • In A New Beginning and The Eternal Night, if Spyro is left idle, he will start dancing for a short time until he stops, looks back at the player, laughs and winks at them before returning to his idle animation.