The Stone Sentinel is the second boss in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning that resides in Tall Plains. It is a huge version of the smaller and more common Stone Brutes, and is worshipped by the Atlawas as a god of the shrine Cyril was held captive in.


The Stone Sentinel is the god of the shrine in its home, Tall Plains. When angered, he can be a formidable foe and can cause the seasons to become unbalanced. The Atlawas were unable to give tribute to the Stone Sentinel when Cynder and her forces arrived, and thus the Stone Sentinel became enraged, unknowingly becoming Cynder's guard to the Ice Guardian, Cyril, after she disturbed the shrine the Sentinel was in.

Spyro eventually defeated the Stone Sentinel to free Cyril, and brought balance of the seasons back to Tall Plains.


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