Terrador is the Earth Guardian dragon who appears in the The Legend of Spyro series.


Terrador is a battle-scarred warrior and the most militant of the Guardians. He is dedicated and focused on the practical art of battle. His solid demeanor and skill of speech makes him perfect for battle command. Not prone to erratic bouts of meaningless talk (Volteer) or prideful boasting (Cyril) or even fiery rage (Ignitus), Terrador is able to keep a level head in the face of greatest danger. He dislikes cowardice but is wise enough to know when to retreat.

He possesses the heart of a warrior and is the most powerful of all the Guardians when it comes down to brute strength. He does not judge others by their appearance or reputation, but by their skills in battle, having much admiration for Spyro who proved himself in combat at such a young age. 



Out of the three other Guardians, Ignitus appears to be the one who Terrador gets along better with. When Ignitus was captured by Cynder, Terrador said that he'd give anything to go with Spyro to rescue him, and Ignitus trusted Terrador to take his place before going to the Burned Lands with Spyro and Cynder. The two dragons at times have shown their high opinion of each other, and Terrador stated that he knows Ignitus long enough to know what he was planning after the Destroyer completed the Belt of Fire.

Volteer and Cyril

While Terrador seems to be closer to Ignitus than Volteer and Cyril, he still cares and trusts them, and unlike Ignitus he isn't annoyed by their habits. Although he thanked Cyril for stopping Volteer from giving another long talk once.


Terrador developed a high regard of Spyro immediately after having met him. He considers Spyro a powerful warrior and eagerly encouraged him to go and rescue Ignitus after admitting that he couldn't join the young dragon.



  • It is unknown if Terrador became the new leader of the Dragon Guardians, after Ignitus was chosen to be the new Chronicler.
  • His name comes from the Latin word "Terra", meaning earth.
  • His horns resembles those of a ram.
  • Terrador does not appear in the GBA version of The Eternal Night.