Volteer is an Electric Guardian Dragon who appears in The Legend of Spyro series.


Quickwitted and fleet of foot, this lightning dragon says more than necessary and simply explodes onto any subject that sparks his interest. He is the most intellectual of the Guardians, though he and Cyril don't get along very well. Well-versed in lore and legend of the dragons of old, he is only too happy to add to any tale - as a wyrm of words, his spectacular speech will sizzle your sound sensors and burst your brain cells. And, according to Sparx in The Eternal Night, his stories 'will put anyone to sleep'. Volteer may very well have swallowed a Thesaurus with all that he can fit into a sentence! Nevertheless, he is a friend and fellow to all, though none can keep that electric tongue of his from constantly wagging.


Being the most excitable of the four, he is best suited for battles in the air allowing him to whip, whirl, flash, and fry enemies that may whizz by.


  • Even though he's still voiced by Corey Burton, Volteer sounds more tired in Dawn of the Dragon.
  • Volteer was originally going to have more than one dialogue in Dawn of the Dragon in a comical scene with Cyril, but the producers didn't have enough time to add the extra scene in.
  • In A New Beginning and The Eternal Night, Volteer has holes in his wings, but in Dawn of the Dragon, he doesn't.
  • For unexplained reasons, Volteer isn't in the GBA version of Eternal Night

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